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Wood Floor Restoration

Why replace your floor when you can renovate it? We can renovate your existing wooden flooring, restoring it to its former glory. Floors can deteriorate over time through neglect, damage and damp, causing them to become disfigured, warped and marred. In many cases, they can be saved through professional restoration services. Whether your floors need sanding, levelling, repairing or refinishing, call us for expert wood floor restoration in Devon.

Floor Repairs

If your floor has become damaged, then we can fix it for you. Our experienced team can repair all types of floorboards, no matter the species of wood. We can and will source high-quality reclaimed timbers that match your existing floorboards for a seamless repair service. Whether you need entire sections replaced or have large dents that need levelling, contact us for expert floor repairs.


Sanding involves using specialist machines to remove the top layer of the wooden planks. We specialise in dust-free sanding for all types of wooden floors including oak and pine.

Oak & Hardwood Flooring Restoration

If you have oak or hardwood floors that are looking slightly lacklustre then speak to us about our restoration services. We are well versed in bringing hardwood floors back to life and have an extensive portfolio of successful renovation projects.

Our services are tailored to your specific needs, and our dedicated team will recommend the best treatment to revitalise your flooring. Services cover everything from full and spot sanding to cleaning and re-oiling to reveal the beauty of the wood. To find out more or to arrange a free quote for Oak and hardwood floor restoration in Devon, please contact us.

Types of Hardwood Flooring Restoration

Every floor we renovate is approached on a case by case basis. One size doesn’t fit all in the case of wood floors, and that is why we customise our restoration services to suit the specific needs of the surface. When it comes to hardwood restoration there are a few options including:

Pine & Softwood Flooring Restoration

Pine is a softer timber; therefore, it needs special attention and care. It also comes in a range of types and softness, so repairs and restorations are best left to the experts.

We offer a range of Pine and softwood renovation services that will reveal the beauty of your existing timbers while saving you from having to replace it.

Our services include:

Pine Floor Replacement

If your pine floor has seen better days and a sand and refinish won’t be enough for a quality result, then we can replace your entire floor with reclaimed pinewood. This process involves uplifting the existing sub-floor, de-nailing the joists, insulation fitting (if required) and the laying of new reclaimed boards manufactured from reclaimed joists to give an authentic look.

Floor Finishing

Floor finishing treatments are an important aspect of any restoration. Upon completion of repairing and sanding the surface, we apply specialist finishing oils or lacquers which are essential for both aesthetics and durability.

Choose from natural oil, hardwax oil or lacquer, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Filling Gaps in the Floorboards

There are a number of suggested ways to deal with the issue of gaps in floorboards, however, with our extensive knowledge, there is only one long term solution that works which is to fill the gaps with reclaimed pine slithers. These are V-shaped slithers of timber that we glue into the gaps prior to sanding and then once the floor is sanded, you get an even finish on the floor. 

Due to the shape of the slithers, they don’t drop down over time when your floor expands and contracts. The issue of using filler or resin products is that these will drop out over time and as such, they are not a long-term solution. 

Hardwax Oil

Our hardwax oils are non-toxic (safe for pets and children), offer excellent protection and dry in just four hours. The oil penetrates deep into the wood to achieve a hardwearing surface that is dirt and water repellent.

These oils are available in a range of colours, clear finishes, matts and stains, so you can change the colour to match your home interior.

Natural Oils

If you want to enhance the grain of the wood, then natural oils offer the perfect solution. These oils enhance the natural grain while providing the wood with a water-resistant surface. They come in a range of natural colours, and we only use VOC free oils for your complete peace of mind.

Wood Lacquers

Wood lacquers provide a superior water-resistant artificial layer that is applied directly onto the top of the wood. This finishing service is perfect for floors that require low maintenance, however, you must be careful to avoid any damage such as deep scratches, scuffs and dents, as when this surface needs repairing, it is likely the entire floor will need to be resurfaced.

Need Advice On What Finish To Choose?

If you need any advice on what finish may suit your flooring best, simply speak to our expert team. With many years of experience in flooring restoration, we can advise on the best solution to match your lifestyle.

Get A Free Quote For Floor Restoration

To find out how we can restore your floors to make them look new again, call us to arrange a free no-obligation home survey for wood floor restoration in Devon.

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