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Floor Sanding Devon

In many cases, the floor restoration process starts with sanding. We use specialist dust extracting equipment and professional sanders to remove the top layer of the floor. This process eliminates surface blemishes, darkened areas from heavy footfall and brings the beauty of the natural grain through. To find out how we can renew your timbers with floor sanding in Devon, call to arrange a free home survey.

Wood Floor Sanding

The wood floor sanding process is complex and performed with great care to achieve quality results. 

We use professional powered sanders and change the sanding disks as the task progresses. Coarse grit sanding disks are used in the initial phase to remove the outer waxed, lacquered or oiled layer, blemishes and excessively worn areas. Following this, we progressively use finer disks in preparation for the floor finishing.

Coarse grit sanding disks are indicated by lower numbers i.e., 40 – 60 abrasives per square inch, medium grit disks are between 80 – 120, and fine to very fine disks range from 150 – 320 abrasives per square inch.

Our team ensure to sand at a consistent speed across the surface to achieve even coverage. This is essential to avoid inconsistencies once the finish has been applied.

The sanding machine can only reach so far. As a result, the edges of the floor surface are sanded with a smaller electric hand disk sander (or manual tool if required), and any excessively worn or discoloured sections where floorboards meet are manually scraped to remove the top layer.

Once the sanding process is complete, dust residue is vacuumed away to remove debris from minor cracks. This stage is essential before the refinishing process commences.

Pine Floor Sanding

Pinewood is a softer timber as opposed to hardwoods. As a result, we take great care and start the process with medium grit sanding disks, followed by finer disks for a flawless and smooth finish.

Whatever timber you have, it is always recommended to have it renovated by experts to ensure quality results. Attempting to do it yourself could lead to some unwelcome surprises and can cost more in the long term if you need to hire a professional to fix it for you.

Dust Free Technology

To keep your home or commercial premises free from dust, we use specialist dust extractors to minimise the amount of dust that enters the atmosphere.

How Long Does It Take To Sand A Floor?

This all depends on the size of the room and the condition of the floorboards. We can give you an estimate when we visit your property to provide a free home survey.

Is Sanding Cheaper Than Replacing Floorboards?

Yes. It is an eco-friendly option that will rejuvenate your wooden floors and is much cheaper than a complete replacement.

What Finishing Options Do You Offer?

We offer a range of lacquers, hardwax oils and natural oils, including zero VOC products, so you can choose the finish that suits your taste.

Our Machines

One of the most important parts of floor sanding is having the right machines for the job.

Here are the machines we use.

A – 200mm Belt Sander. Used to remove the top surface of the floor in the main area of the floor.

B –  Lagler Trio tri orbital 200mm sander. Perfect for engineered floors and for that perfect finish after the belt sander.

C – Mirka Auto stop start Vacuum

D – Festool Auto stop start Vacuum

E – Numatic high volume vacuum

F – Mirka Deros 150mm orbital sander

G – 200mm Edging sander

H – Lagler Flip Long reach edging sander and attachments.

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To find out how we can help restore your timber floors, get in touch with the team. We offer floor sanding in Devon and across the South West at competitive prices.

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