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Staircase Overlay Devon

If you want to enhance your existing carpeted staircase then we have the solution. We can overlay your existing staircase treads and risers with oak plank flooring and a solid oak stair nosing. This is the ideal solution if your stairs are looking tired. It is also much more cost-effective than having a new staircase installed. At Devon Wood Floors we use the highest quality timbers for stair cladding to ensure a resilient and beautiful finish. For more information or to arrange a free quote, get in touch.

What Is Staircase Overlaying?

Staircase overlaying is a renovation technique used to breathe new life into your staircase. As long as the existing staircase is solid, we can overlay the treads and risers with Oak cladding. Our range includes both hardwood and engineered wood.

This method is also known as staircase cladding and offers the perfect solution for updating either carpeted stairs or wooden staircases that have seen better days.

How Does Staircase Cladding Work?

Step 1

Call us to book a home survey. During the survey, we will measure up the staircase and show you timber overlay samples.

Step 2

Choose the wood type of your choice. Although we recommend Oak, we can also offer different styles including Cherry, Maple, Beech and Walnut, so you can achieve the look that you wish. Once you have chosen your wood option, we will provide you with a free written quotation.

Step 3

On the day of installation, we will arrive with all the tools and materials to renovate your staircase. We will overlay the stairs with made to measure treads and risers to give your staircase a brand new look. 

Treads are the flat section of wood on the top of each step, and risers are the section of wood that joins the far end of the tread to the next step up.

Will Staircase Cladding Look Authentic?

Absolutely! We only use the very best timbers to craft your treads and risers. Once they are installed your staircase will look brand new. With our expert craftsmanship, we ensure there are no visible signs that the staircase has been cladded, and if you didn’t know it was, you never would!

How Much Does Staircase Cladding Cost?

Each staircase is different; therefore, we approach each job on a case by case basis. Call us to get an estimate or book a home survey to receive a free written quotation.

Call Now For Timber Staircase Renovation

If you think our staircase cladding system could transform your home or business, then get in touch to arrange a free quote for staircase overlay in Devon.

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