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Electric Underfloor Heating

Why Underfloor Heating Is A Great Match For Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring offers many benefits. It’s got a beautiful appearance and boasts excellent longevity. However, some people may worry that their timber floors will be too cold compared to carpets. This is where underfloor heating (UFH) comes in. A good UFH system will ensure your wooden flooring remains at a uniform temperature, so it’s comfortable underfoot.

Wood Has Excellent Heat Retention

The great thing about a wood flooring and underfloor heating combination is that wood can retain heat for a long time. This means that you may not need to leave the heating on for very long to achieve a comfortable temperature.

Uneven heat distribution could damage your wood floor, as sudden temperature changes could warp the timber. This means that it’s important that your UFH system heats the floor evenly. An added benefit is that there shouldn’t be any cold spots. So, it’s comfortable to walk around your home freely, even barefoot.


Electric Underfloor Heating

To install electric UFH, wires or heating mats need to be placed below the flooring. There’s also usually a layer of insulation beneath, so the heat will rise rather than be absorbed by what’s below the system. The system is hooked up to your mains electrical supply, and will have sensors so that the heat is always at the right temperature.

electric underfloor heating

Because electric systems are usually more lightweight than their water counterparts, less space is required to install them. This means that the floor probably won’t need to be raised to fit the system in below.

Is Electric Underfloor Heating Expensive?

The installation costs are cheaper than that of a water UFH system. However, they can be a little more costly to run, depending on your energy costs. The exact running costs will depend greatly on how well-insulated your home is, the size of the room your system operates in and how long you’re using it for. Generally, it’s a great solution for smaller areas in the home. It’s estimated that using UFH for four hours per day in a 2.5m2 room would cost between four and six pounds per month.

For Electric Underfloor Heating For Wooden Flooring, Choose Devon Wood Floors

We are wooden flooring experts in Devon. Our team fit many different materials and styles of timber floors, and can put together a bespoke UFH system as well. Our professional workmanship is sure to bring a touch of luxury to your home.

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