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How To Reduce Noise From Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors are a great choice for any home. They offer a touch of luxury, have a warm and inviting appeal and come in a range of styles to suit any aesthetic. However, timber can be a little noisy sometimes. There are many great ways to reduce the amount of noise your wooden flooring makes, so there’s no need to reconsider your choice if noise is a concern. Have a look at our tips below.

Good Underlay

A decent underlay will absorb sounds made by walking on the floor. If you haven’t yet installed your new wooden flooring, make sure you discuss underlay options with your contractor first. As well as absorbing sounds, underlay will protect your new floor from moisture and help retain heat in the home.

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floor insulation boards

Floor Insulation

There are some types of floor insulation that are specifically designed to reduce noise. If it’s not a huge concern for you, standard Celotex insulation will do a good enough job of muffling any noises. It also has the added benefit of reducing draughts and improving the thermal efficiency of your home.

Have A Shoes Off Policy

To reduce the noise underfoot, don’t allow outdoor shoes to be worn in the house. Slippers, socks or even bare feet produce significantly less noise. This also means that your floor is less likely to get scuffed or scratched by footwear, meaning it will look better for longer.

Slippers on wooden flooring

Install Wall Mounted Speakers

To prevent sound from your television or music players travelling down to the floor below, consider investing in a wall mounted system. This means that the sound will stay in the room that you need it to, without polluting noise elsewhere.

Rugs & Soft Furnishings

A thick rug is a great way to reduce the noise of your wooden floor without completely covering it. You’ll also benefit from making use of soft furnishings, like thick curtains, wall hangings and tapestries. These help to absorb any sounds in the room, therefore reducing the noise pollution.

For Wooden Flooring Installations, Call Devon Wood Flooring

We’re experts in everything related to timber floors. If you’re considering taking the plunge, give us a call today. We can ensure that your installation is carried out to the highest standard, making sure that your floor is comfortable and suited to your lifestyle.

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