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Solid wood flooring
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Engineered Wood Flooring Devon
"Our solid wood flooring solutions have been engineered to last for generations"
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Wood Flooring Devon
Nothing matches solid wood flooring, there is a unmistakable atmosphere produced by a solid wood floor. The look, the feel, the sound and the smell of genuine, solid wood simply speaks volumes. No other flooring bring the same charm to a room. Because of its organic and fibrous nature, wood acts as a thermal insulator keeping rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Wood is incredibly versatile, with a huge range of species available each with its unique grain pattern and colours which means that there is something to fit with any decor in any room. What's more is that with modern treatments and protective finishes solid wood floors can be expected to last far far longer than ever before. Because of how tough wood is when protected properly, it can last far longer than many other flooring products, which makes it excellent value for money.
Wood Flooring Devon
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What are the benefits of our solid wood flooring?
The fact is that the smooth surface of wood doesn't trap dust or other allergens, such as dust mites. This makes wood floors far better for those with allergies or asthma, especially young children or babies, as a wooden surface will flex and absorb falls and bumps unlike tile or stone floors which would also provide the same allergen free floor. Wood is an organic product and changes in temperature or humidity can cause the wood to swell or shrink, this is something which we, as experts with wood floors, can advise you about and prevent any damage from occurring over time. A correctly installed wood floor will last a lifetime.
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Solid Wood Flooring Devon  
Solid Wood Flooring Devon
Solid Wood Flooring Devon
  Solid Wood Flooring Devon
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