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'Our hard wax oil is the right choice to protect your flooring and ensures a long lasting finish'
Hard Wax Oil Floor Devon
Hard wax oil
Hard Wax Oil Floor Devon
Using only the best hard wax oil products to perfect your wood flooring     
and keep it look beautiful for years to come.    
One of the most important parts of our professional service is the finishing treatment we apply to your floor. After we have installed, sanded, or restored a wood floor, applying a top quality finishing oil is vital to ensure the long life of the wood.

We use Hard Wax Oils as they offer the perfect protection for your floor when applied by professional hands, are dry within four hours, and come in a wide range of colours and clear finishes, glosses, matts, and satins.

This gives us the option of subtly adjusting the floor colour, especially useful in floor restorations to match replacement sections, or to bring the full effect of the wood's natural glow to the fore. We only use non-toxic hard wax oils to finish your floor, ensuring that they are safe for children and pets while protecting the finish of the wood and making it so that your floors remains in good condition for years.

Want to know more about our finishes? Click HERE to see more or for more information about Maintenance of your floor, click HERE to see more.


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