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'Our floor insulation helps to reduce draughts to your home as well as cutting down on energy costs'
Floor Insulation Devon
Floor insulation
Floor Insulation Devon
Ensure your home is warm all year round as well as saving up to £30 - £40 a year on fuel bills   
with the installation of our underfloor insulation.   
Devon based flooring experts, Devon Wood Floors, can offer you insulation installed beneath your wooden floors to ensure that your floors, your rooms, your home, and most immediately, your feet stay nice and warm all year round. We are all told that we need to improve our home's insulation, ensuring that more of the warmth produced by your home heating isn't lost. Everyone knows to insulate their loft and what the benefits of double glazed windows are, but many people overlook their floor.

Cold feet are one of the most obvious symptoms of gaps and draughts in the floor causing heat to be lost. It can be worse with solid concrete or beam and block floors, where the concrete seems to suck all of the heat out of your feet as you walk across the room. This is especially the case for ground floors. This problem of cold floors is something that discourages people from hardwood floors.

Wood is not really any colder than carpet, especially if you get an expert in. We can offer state-of-the-art insulation that keeps the heat in and the cold air out. While there are a range of options available for insulating suspended timber floors, most people are very aware of the available height for insulation when it comes to their floors.

We use Celotex insulation, a PIR (Polyisocyanurate) layer that sits between the sub-floor and your wooden floor, allowing you to enjoy warm wood floors through out your home, throughout the year. The Celotex insulation is available in various thicknesses, and offers class 0 fire performance. Celotex's range of PIR insulation is produced with a lower environmental impact than many other brands. We can also offer installation of floor insulation for wooden outbuildings such as summerhouses, garden offices, and cabins.

Floor Insulation Devon
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