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'We will use our experience and knowledge to source you the perfect underfloor heating solution'
Underfloor Heating Devon
Domestic underfloor heating
Underfloor Heating Devon
Our underfloor heating solutions are hidden away which means it will not spoil the look of your     
home decor as well as distributing heat evenly to ensure every room is warm all year round.     
There are many benefits of underfloor heating systems, primarily the benefit is that they are so much more efficient. Because heat rises straight up, the fact that the heat source is evenly spread across the floor means that the room is uniformly heated, from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. The heat doesn't have to spread from a metal box on the wall, rise up to the ceiling and then try to spread around, as you get with radiators. The other issue with radiators is the fact that the heat is concentrated at the walls, unless you have good insulation most of the heat will escape through the windows and walls.

The problem really comes in that you will also be encouraging condensation and damp. This is especially the case with old buildings which have had double glazing fitted. The evenly spread heating underfoot gives an incomparable sense of comfort, especially walking across a smooth, rich wooden floor which is warmer than a carpet. Underfloor heating uses less energy than traditional radiators to heat the same sized room. It is so efficient that it can be run at lower temperatures, perfect for solar-thermal or ground source heating systems. We can advise you on the perfect flooring for use with an underfloor heating system, either for a home or commercial floor.

Different underfloor heating systems is suitable for different flooring types. The subfloor also dictates what underfloor heating system you have installed. There are systems suitable for use over concrete screed subfloor or between the joists under the floorboards, but there will be a suitable system for you. Older underfloor heating systems were often accused of being inefficient, prone to failure and blamed as the cause of aching or over-heated feet. The modern systems which we use are nothing like this. Even with modern electrical underfloor heating, there are savings to be made over the running costs of a system of storage heaters. Our hot water underfloor heating systems are possible the most efficient means possible of heating your home.

Underfloor Heating Devon
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