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'We use traditional skills & craftsmanship to create a beautiful block wood flooring finish'
Wood Block Flooring Devon
Block flooring
Wood Block Flooring Devon
Our team have experience and knowledge in installing of block flooring and can discuss with you your   
exact flooring requirements to find the perfect and most beautifully designed block wood flooring for you.   
Commonly referred to as parquet flooring, wood block flooring is composed of individual blocks of wood which are glued to a subfloor. Modern wood flooring blocks feature tongue and groove construction and fit seamlessly together. The fact that the floor is made up of individual blocks allows them to be laid in an almost infinite variety of patterns. With modern materials and machining techniques, the flooring blocks will last for an incredibly long time. Traditional wooden block floors often survive longer than the building in which they are installed. Hardwood blocks used today are up to 20mm (0.8 of an inch) thick, with half of that above the tongue and groove. This all means that a properly installed floor will be not only tough and long lasting, but can be refinished several times before it would need to be replaced.

This incredible strength comes from the fact that each block is tightly fitted to its neighbours and glued to the subfloor. In the event of any damage, the individual blocks can be replaced with new blocks. Because of all of the variety in woods and patterns, there is a huge range of both finished appearance and prices in hardwood block flooring. It is an investment, however, in a quality, long lasting and absolutely stunning floor.

What makes block flooring the perfect solution?
Hardwood blocks make the perfect flooring for commercial applications, in gyms, sports halls and dance floors the strength of a block floor is ideal. Built tough and able to survive the pounding of feet, wheelchairs and even resisting damage from stilletto heels. The seamless joints make wood block flooring suitable for restaurants, pubs and nightclubs where the tight joints prevent spills and stains, although it would require the same finishing as other wood floors. These two features also make the floor perfect for schools.
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