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'Our engineered wood flooring is a cost effective solution for your wood flooring needs
 Wood Flooring Devon
Engineered wood flooring
 Wood Flooring Devon
We know what flooring products work best and our team of experienced wood flooring installers will use their   
Expertise to guide you on what floor will look best in your property.    
Engineered wood flooring is the answer for those who want real wood floor, but have concerns about the cost or the environment into which the flooring is being installed. Traditional solid wood floors can last for centuries, but only in the right circumstances. If the room temperature or humidity level varies too much, or if the sub floor contains moisture, then you will find that a solid wood floor will shrink and expand. This is natural for wood, but excessive movement of the wood will lead to long term damage which will only compound upon itself. For these situations, engineered wood is the ideal solution. By being built of three layers, engineered wood is up to the challenge of varying humidity and temperatures.

A softwood base layer provides cushioning and balancing, ensuring that the floor sits comfortably and securely on a floating structure or even a solid concrete sub floor. Above this is a manufactured layer, usually either pressed composite (HDF, chipboard, etc) or counter laid plywood. This provides the floor with its integral strength, and making it easy and quick to lay. Then there is a top layer which is gorgeous hard wood, this layer varies in thickness depending on the quality of the flooring, from 0.6mm to 6mm.

What makes our wood flooring long lasting?
The thicker the top layer the longer it will last, thicker layers can also be sanded to restore the wood to pristine condition, although to prevent damage professional advice should always be sought before attempting this. The other key advantage which engineered wood flooring has over traditional, solid wood is that it can be laid much more quickly. It can be laid with minimal preparation made to the sub floor. Engineered wood flooring can be laid over a concrete or floating sub floor with little difficulty to an expert like Devon Wood Floors. There are dangers which the layman may fall foul off, and even top quality engineered flooring can be quickly damaged if it is laid improperly. Engineered wood flooring is also suitable for laying over the top of underfloor heating systems. There are requirements to ensuring that the floor doesn't warp when heated. Because of the tongue-and-groove construction, engineered flooring can be quickly installed, meaning less disruption to you and savings on the cost of installation.
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